STAFF: Where beginner teachers get together.

STAFF: Student Teacher Advancement for the Future

What is STAFF?

STAFF  is a club geared towards beginning music teachers.  Anyone who is studying with a registered ARMTA teacher, is 16 years of age or older, and has Grade 8 practical and corresponding theory is eligible for membership.  STAFF club conducts a monthly meeting and workshop.  STAFF also provides opportunities for teaching advancement through STAFF student recitals and masterclasses, etc., according to the needs of the membership.

How does S.T.A.F.F. run its organization?

The meetings can involve a mentor teacher demonstration lesson, a workshop, and announcements or even an outing.  During months when there are costly major events in the club, the event itself becomes the meeting.

Mentor Teacher Demonstration Lessons:

One of the most interesting ways to learn from a successful teacher is to watch him or her teach.  At the demonstration lesson, an experienced teacher brings one of his/her students to a STAFF meeting and teaches a lesson in front of us.  Watching other teachers struggle and succeed with the same challenges as we do is often inspiring and helpful.


Workshops involve the discussion of a specific topic by an experienced music teacher from the community, and provides novice teachers with suggestions and tools for teaching.  Past workshop topics have included everything from how to prepare students for exams to running a teaching business, from which editions of books to buy to how to purchase and maintain a piano.  Our workshops are as varied as the profession of piano teaching itself.  Workshops for the current season are listed at the top of this page.


The convenors of STAFF take this time to inform members of upcoming events and important dates, either at our meetings or by email.  We try to keep this brief!

***The monthly meetings are the key to being a STAFF  member, and therefore it is strongly recommended that members attend regularly in order to fully benefit from everything STAFF has to offer.***

What are the benefits of participating in STAFF club?

1) An opportunity to attend monthly workshops:  Workshops are not just a useful forum for acquiring information but are also an excellent opportunity for networking with well-recognized teachers and musical experts and amongst yourselves.  Another workshop benefit is the valuable time for asking questions.  Questions that begin with “I have a student who…”, or “I have a hard time teaching…..” are encouraged, and clinicians are more than happy to suggest specific solutions geared towards your particular student.

2) Performance Opportunities and Masterclasses:  The unique situation of beginning teachers is that often they are still taking lessons towards further musical certificates, etc.  Masterclasses give students a taste of the knowledge and enthusiasm of a ‘master teacher’.  Performance opportunities at meetings or recitals provided a safe and supportive environment to share your music with others, prepare for exams, test your memory, etc.

3) Student Recitals:  These events give your own students a chance to perform and be applauded for their hard work, in a relaxed atmosphere, but in a larger public venue with a grand piano.  You and your teacher are also strongly encouraged to  perform at these recitals.  Our first recital is slated for the month of November.  You also gain valuable experience by putting together a program, welcoming parents, introducing your students, etc.

4)  You get information!! How to apply for the F.E.S.S.T. (Further Education Scholarship for Studio Teachers)  - this is a $500 scholarship to a studio teacher for the purposes of furthering their education. ?Subscription to the ARMTA newsletter, keeping you informed of upcoming clinics, concerts, musical events, etc. in the Edmonton area.

5) In addition, STAFF members may:
*Attend ARMTA  general meetings (no voting privileges)
*Attend any ARMTA  workshops/functions for the same cost as ARMTA members
*Promote their teaching business and receive student referrals for the Edmonton area with the assistance of the STAFF convenors.

How do I register? Click this link!

For more information contact:

Gay Schmaus 780.475.5602
Naomi Parker 780-436-8550