Masterclasses are great for students!

ARMTA Edmonton Branch Masterclasses:

Masterclass for Ensemble or Advanced Piano Solo with Magdalena Adamek
May 2017  by Dr.  Magdalena Adamek – Clinician from Virginia Commonwealth University

Location: PCL Hall, 5th Floor, Alberta College Campus (10050 MacDonald Dr, Edmonton)

Masterclass: 12:30-2:00pm 

Afternoon Masterclass: Will be devoted to collaborative playing.  A brief lecture will be followed by students performing with their partners (strings, brass or woodwinds, vocalists, or piano duos) 

Calling various instrumentalists for this event - combinations of piano with strings / brass / woodwinds/ voice or advanced piano solo.
ARMTA is looking for student ensembles /piano solos for  this masterclass on May 6, 2017.  This masterclass  will be devoted to the art of collaborative piano playing.  We are looking for pianists working with other instrumentalists:  violinists, singers, cellists, flutists, or any other pianist-duo partners.  Duets, trios, quartets or more welcome.
Grade 9+ piano solos also welcome.
$25 / ensemble group (or piano solo) who is studying with an ARMTA member.
$40 / ensemble group (or piano solo) who is studying with a NON-ARMTA member.
Register by March 15, 2017

We have space for only four ensembles/solos, a 20 minute masterclass lesson is planned for each group.